Less blog, and moar blog

Photo by chrysics | www.flickr.com/photos/chrysics
Photo by chrysics | http://www.flickr.com/photos/chrysics

It’s ironic that I wrote a post about whether blogging could be a hobby for Research Whisperer, professed my love of blogging, and yet I haven’t posted here since mid-February!

The issue I discussed in the RW post was: if you’re blogging about work topics, and the blog profile adds to professional gravitas, can it actually be a hobby? Hobby implies something you do in your leisure time, not ‘work’. My lines were blurred, and have always been in academia. It’s a common problem.

The first thing I drop when I’m under the gun for other blog deadlines is this one. My personal and first blog.

I recently deleted a whole heap of posts from this blog. I had used this blog as a repository for AASRN-type info and updates for quite a few years, before the network developed into having its own identity and social media outlets. Even as I hit ‘delete’ on mass-selected posts, I was wondering whether I’d regret it.

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2013 – backwards + forwards

Down the garden path (Photo by Tseen Khoo)
Down the garden path (Photo by Tseen Khoo)

Most people do their retrospective posts at the end of the year, but the end of the year was such a frenzied mishmash of work, outings, functions, and at-home time that I was lucky to get that final 2012 post out at all.

Not that this post is about making excuses.

It’s actually a wrap-up of my blogging and other writing from last year, and some musing on what I hope to get up to – writing-wise – this year. My semi-resolution from January 2012 was “to write more and to do it for fun, not academia”. This I did, in spades.

I churned out a lot posts, most of it split between RW and here. I was also invited to write several guest-posts for other blogs, a couple of articles for The Conversation, and was approached for a sponsored post. When I look back on it now, I wrote more consistently and faster in 2012 than I’ve ever done before.