My writing

My academic writing is mostly captured by my Google Scholar profile (Tseen Khoo).

My other writing  is listed below in broad categories.

Research culture and development

  1. The Research Whisperer blog (with Jonathan O’Donnell; 2011-present)
  2. Turning off the lights on Australian Research (Eureka Street, 8 September 2014)
  3. “Things I wish I’d known about alt-ac” (Connect 7.2 [2014] – NTEU magazine, July 2014)
  4. The Research Precariat (at CASA blog, 11 April 2014)
  5. You and your research CV” (Connect 6.1 [2013] – NTEU magazine, March 2013)
  6. The Dawning of a new ERA (at The Conversation; 6 Dec 2012)
  7. Time to thaw: The human side of the research funding freeze (at The Conversation; 19 Oct 2012)
  8. Becoming a journal editor (at PhD2Published; Sept 2012)
  9. Lessons in naivety” (Connect 5.2 [2012] – NTEU magazine, July 2012)
  10. Help! I have to write a grant application” (Connect 5.1 [2012] – NTEU magazine, March 2012)
  11. Visionary or ‘slackademic’? Social media’s role in tomorrow’s academia (at The Social Interface, with Indigo Willing; Nov 2011)
  12. Origins of the Research Whisperer (at Networked Researcher, with Jonathan O’Donnell; Oct 2011)

Culture and race politics

  1. Eureka Street – monthly columnist (2017)
  2. Secret River vs Breath – Meanjin 2013 Tournament of Books (December 2013)
  3. Diverse challenges in reading Asian Australian women’s writing” (Australian Women Writers Challenge blog – 1 October 2013)
  4. Technically not ‘writing’, but I was invited onto Radio National’s “Life Matters” program to discuss ‘Asia literacy‘ (2 Nov 2012). Also featured Alison Broinowski (ANU).
  5. Validation and solidarity (at Right Now Inc; 29 March 2012)
  6. Interview with Alf Nicdao (at Peril magazine; 10 March 2012)
  7. Interview with Min Tran (at Peril magazine; 10 March 2012)
  8. Personal narrative: Tseen Khoo (PDF – from Plantings in a New Land, ed. Chek Ling, 2001)

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