Genealogy of cake

Cakeworld hardware (Photo by Tseen Khoo)

Regular readers of this blog – and people who know me IRL – will know that my family’s obsessed with food in general, and cake decoration in particular.

I’ve previously posted photos of (mostly) my partner’s work in the novelty cake department (see HERE and HERE).

What I haven’t talked about is my mother’s devotion to sugar-art and cake-decorating for a couple of decades when we were younger. And she was younger, and her hands steadier.

Her toolkit of icing implements is still here, fully tricked out with all the nozzle sizes and shapes for piping that you could desire – all metal, and to be screwed into old-school icing bags. She’s still got the coloured twine and wires that were for the miniature icing flowers she’d make by hand. There are even beaded stalks that are meant be flower styles or stamens.

For most of the 1980s and part of the 1990s, my mother was the go-to person in our clan for engagement, 21st and special birthday cakes. I think she may have done a wedding cake here or there as well.


Cake update – 2008-2010

It has been quite a few years since I wrote this post in 2008 and presented a round-up of the novelty cakes that our family had done. Four and a half years later, the tradition is still going strong.

I’m updating the cake pics, and these ones take us through the tail end of 2008 to 2010, and I’m only including those that have novelty aspects and were made by S.

Click on the cut for the rest of the pic-heavy post!


Let there be zombies

Two posts in three days?

It may well be the apocalypse coming…or the fabulous publicity initiative by the Queensland Police Service and their tweets about World Zombie Day (which was a move that very cleverly and effectively promoted their disaster alert system, QLDAlert). Props on a catchy stunt that had a good purpose!

Readers of this blog and my twitter stream will know too well my family’s obsession with horror movies. We’re not fussy.

Creature features? Cheesy franchises? Movies starring Billy Zane (including Demon Knight – right)? We’ll watch them all and enjoy them.

I loved these movies so much that I even engineered my Honours thesis around them. I researched gender and contemporary sci-fi/fantasy films, comparing the representations of women in these genres. The full title is: “The Position of Woman in Recent American Science Fiction Film: The Representation of Women and the ‘Feminine'”. Yes, I’m cringing, too.

The films I managed to shoehorn into the dissertation included:

  • ‘Hard’ scifi: Alien, Aliens, Leviathan, and Inseminoid (!).
  • ‘Fantasy’: Legend, Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Conqueror, Red Sonja, and Flesh and Blood.    

Don’t judge me too harshly about the divvying up of genres, or for the films themselves. I was young. It was 1991. I was constantly listening to the Hoodoo Gurus.

The nice thing is that our love of science fiction and fantasy material in general has already started rubbing off on the kids. The entire family is dead keen (hah) on Plants vs Zombies. Most of us have played the game through a couple of times, and E. regularly plays a screen or two. G. is a bit young to play properly, but he likes collecting suns.

My brother loved it so much that S. made a PvZ cake for him in 2009:

PLANTS vs ZOMBIES CAKE under the cut

Mega Cake Update

I’ve realised that I haven’t immortalised our family’s extreme cake-decorating efforts beyond the single entry with the Pac-Man ghost cake from last October. This was indeed the cake that tripped the madness switch in terms of birthday efforts.

Below is our ‘output’ since last October – click on pics for larger photographs!