AWW 2013 – how’d I do?

AWW 2013
AWW 2013

So, I failed again.

I keep signing up, though, so don’t fault my consistency.

For AWW 2013, I had signed up for the Franklin challenge, which meant reading 10 books and reviewing 6 (if one was intending to review, which I did).

I had decided to have a focus on fantasy/horror for this challenge, but wandered off that trail quite early. I tend towards crime fic, and am a fan of Young, so it’s not surprising that I had to read Antidote to Murder. I’d heard so about Savage’s books that I had to try one for myself, and Gardiner’s trilogy is one I’ve been wanting to read ever since I heard about them.

I started well. In fact, I started better than I thought I would. I read Lister and Chan within a month, and felt I was ahead. Each came from the genres I had said I’d focus on.

Chuffed from this, I managed to then let the challenge down by not keeping an eye on the year as it – again – sped past.

Before I knew it, we’d hit November and I was three reviews short and had three more books to go.

I didn’t hold much hope for getting more books read, but I did want to get two more review done, given I’d read the books and all. One of the reviews was for a trilogy of YA novels, which I’d considered splitting into three reviews but thought that might be a bit sneaky (not to mention a lame and transparent attempt to complete the challenge without attending to the spirit of the reviews…).

My final completed book and review list is:

  1. Dionne Lister. Shadows of the Realm. –> my review
  2. Queenie Chan. The Dreaming series. –> my review
  3. Felicity Young. Antidote to Murder. –> my review
  4. Angela Savage, Behind the Night Bazaar –> my review
  5. Kelly Gardiner, Ocean without End (Swashbuckler! series)
  6. Kelly Gardiner, The Pirate’s Revenge (Swashbuckler! series)
  7. Kelly Gardiner, The Silver Swan (Swashbuckler! series) –> my review of the trilogy


Am I signing up for AWW 2014, which is now officially open?

I’m not sure yet. Truly. It seems a bit pathetic to keep signing up for a reading challenge that I then never complete.

The thing that makes me want to sign up and participate, though, is that AWW is a great community (on Twitter and in blogging circles). It’s companionable to be part of the challenge, even when I know my feet are dragging and I’m not in any danger of completing it.

Watch this space…!


2 thoughts on “AWW 2013 – how’d I do?

  1. Kirsty 13/01/2014 / 10:04 pm

    Do it!

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