Needle and thread

Good nights (Photo by Tseen Khoo)

Recently, Unique Schmuck posted about an ignited sewing fetish, which was accompanied by an obsession with patterns.

I love it when people get struck by various hobby bugs. We’ve had enough of them in our household, including brief but extremely time-consuming dalliances with stamp collecting, soap making, cross-stitch (me), welding (S.), papercraft/origami (me again), and the enduring one for our family of novelty cake-decoration.

We also sewed. For a short time.

I had somehow acquired my mother’s 1970s sewing machine, and S. had done the same with his mother’s machine. So, we had two almost vintage sewing machines that partially automated thread winding but didn’t do easy overlocking. Granted, our depth of knowledge about what the machines could actually do was lacking.

Despite this, these are the things we have made:

  • pillow cases
  • shorts
  • 3/4  pants
  • kids’ pants
  • felt mobiles with undersea themes, and
  • last but certainly not least, a toy stuffed bird (that folded in to turn into a ball) – oh, yes, this was the pinnacle of our sewing prowess and took us ages to get right. We still have it and the kids have commandeered it for their room. We used hideous, cheap fabrics because we had no faith in our being able to create something worth keeping…

I should clarify that this list is not in order. We made that toy bird many years before we even thought about having kids. I can’t remember why we even had a copy of a soft toy book in the house, but there you have it.

Despite being determinedly (shockingly) neutral about the AFL, S. has sewn an emergency giant St Kilda Football Club flag for my sister and brother-in-law. They hang a giant StKFC flag on their porch every time the team makes it into the finals. Till this year, that was quite a few times in a row. Last year, someone – somehow – flogged their giant flag. An outrageous anti-fan thing to do. We were all quite shocked. The porch obviously needed a new flag – STAT. S. was running the flag up on the vintage sewing machine till the early hours of the next morning. The result was pretty spectacular, it must be said.

At the moment, there have been a few school costumes that have been created, but not much consistent use of our pool of limited skills (my skills being much more limited than S.’s). I love doing creative work, and immediately useful creative work is doubly rewarding. Whenever I do some, I start having visions of establishing a dedicated space to do only sewing/soap making/stamp collecting/etc. But that is very unlikely to happen in the house we currently have (physically just not enough rooms) or with the bustle and life we have within (2 kids, dog, cat).

I can see in our future, however, two quilt covers for the kids, and more of those nifty pillow cases. The ones we made last time (over ten years ago now) are still in use but starting to get threadbare.

They were made of pink flannelette that was patterned with happy fat sheep (see this post’s image).

It will be hard to retire them to the rag pile.


2 thoughts on “Needle and thread

  1. oanh 19/09/2012 / 8:03 pm

    I love the sheep! I also currently have a fabric fetish, and too many fabric stores near home! Sew tote bags – they are way easy and wonderfully rewardng, and useful! hurrah!

    I’m having serious troubles picturing the toy bird but it sounds awesome!

  2. Tseen Khoo 25/09/2012 / 2:05 pm

    I’ll hafta take a pic of PJ Birdy.

    Every time I go into the fabric shop, I want it all. And I don’t even sew… 😉

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