flickr-blogging – Lucy Naughton

There are many reasons I like working on The Research Whisperer blog with my colleague Jonathan O’Donnell.

One of the best things?

Having more in-depth access to Jonathan’s brain. He has a zealous appreciation for creativity and initiative and this leads him to know and find many things that are new to me (I live such a sheltered life). I’ve just joined a group he’s in that takes in art exhibitions at lunch times.

The latest thing he shared with me, just late last week, was Lucy Naughton’s flickr-blog. I don’t know if there’s another name for what Lucy’s put together, but that’s what I call it. She posts photos (many of them are of herself) accompanied by prose that’s often evocative and engaging. A few have nothing beyond a title; many have mini-essays.

Being in peak-grant-application-review mode + endeavouring-to-be-better-at-blogging mode at the moment, I’d only intended to skim the offerings at the flickr-blog. It proved too fascinating and I was drawn under straight away. I’m hooked.

Most flickr accounts I’ve browsed through are images only, with utilitarian captions; they serve a mostly archival function. Some have a few lines about the significance of the photo, or note the challenge/competition for which it was taken. Not Lucy’s.

There’s something very addictive about reading Lucy’s imagery and writing. I’m drawn to her honesty about life’s travails, unpacking of everyday anxieties and juxtaposition with sensuous (sometimes flagrant and exposing) pictures. Her photos are often complex counterpoints to, or triggers for, the writing that follows.

As I mentioned before, I lead a sheltered life, and am woefully unaware of much internet phenomena. The kind of thing Lucy does could be as common as dirt but, to me, it’s a fascinating personal project that I’ll be following from now on.

A few of my favourite entries so far:


2 thoughts on “flickr-blogging – Lucy Naughton

  1. Lucy Naughton 17/03/2013 / 2:15 am

    My other half just came in the room excitedly to read me something from his laptop. ‘Here we go.’ I thought, ‘He’s found some article on yet another creative type who has, in the space of an afternoon become world renowned, highly acclaimed, hideously wealthy. I imagined quotes like “ I was scribbling some notes on the back of an envelope in a little bohemian café in East Dulwich whilst supping on seaweed latte, when over my shoulder loomed the CEO of Pearson publishing group, John Fallon, ‘I would like to publish everything you have ever written my girl, come with me if you want to make a billion.’ He said, which was nice.”
    To my utmost shock and delight he had in fact found your blog post mentioning me. I assure you the person drinking the seaweed latte could not have been as elated as I was to read your words, you have just lifted me out of a thunderous mood and filled me with purpose – someone out there likes me!!!!!

    • Tseen Khoo 18/03/2013 / 10:36 am

      We managed to make each other’s day, then, as your comment made me laugh, and I’m still grinning as I read it again.

      Very glad you found the post! I was delighted to discover your work through my buddy, Jonathan (who is currently poncing around China). I’m not a big commenter on flckr (except when I’m asking permission for photos on our research blog!), but have been checking out your updates.

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