AWW 2012 – Reading list possibilities

I’ve just started my first AWW 2012 book today, on my first commute of the year: Sulari Gentill’s A Few Right Thinking Men (Pantera Press, 2010). So far, at 12% on my phoneKindle, going well and enjoying the way the protagonists are being introduced.

Something I may not have specifically stated in my last post is that all my reading for the challenge will be in the form of ebooks. I haven’t actually read a hardcopy book since…2009? This is something I’m mildly ashamed of because I have a whole shelf dedicated to the books I’ve received for birthday and Christmas presents, and I know they are sulking. My buddy, Boy Meets Book, knows me way too well and gave me a voucher to buy ebooks for my last birthday. This hardcopy book drought may be broken very soon, though, as one of the presents I received recently was Death Comes to Pemberley by PD James. PD JAMES does P&P! I was a helpless squeeing fangirl at the thought…ahem. So, yes. This James book is begging to be read. I also have Michael Ondaatje’s latest looking accusingly at me every time I walk into the study.

I’ve been meaning to list the possible books I’ll be reading for the AWW 2012 Challenge. I’m happily scavenging recs from the AWW Challenge goodreads group, as well as in the flow of the Twitter streams, so this listing is highly provisional and grounded in authors rather than specific books. My list will include:

  • Sulari Gentill (as mentioned above) – Only heard of Gentill very recently, and her first two novels are out. Apparently, she has her 3rd and 4th books coming out this year, the over-achiever!
  • Kerry Greenwood – Have read all of the Corinna Chapman series and am taking my time moseying through the Phryne Fisher books. Haven’t read any others, though, and this may well change.
  • P.M. Newton – Have had The Old School on my to-read list for a long time – since it came out, actually!
  • Tara Moss – Her new book, The Spider Goddess, is recently out. I’ve read every Moss book thus far. I never expected to do so.
  • Kylie Chan – The covers of Chan’s books have always made me do a double-take. One part of me sneered and thought, “Orientalist trash!”; another part of me squeed and thought, “Orientalist trash!” First up here, I must state that I haven’t read any of Chan’s work yet so my impression is based purely on the book covers (and we all know the dangers therein…). The intercultural aspects of the novels (and author, it must be said) intrigue me.
  • Leigh Redhead – I’ve never managed to read one of Redhead’s books, even though I’ve been wanting to for years.
  • ETA: Melina Marchetta – She’s already on my goodreads list!
  • I’m much less informed about the area of Oz women’s romance, but am wading around in various rec. lists.

2 thoughts on “AWW 2012 – Reading list possibilities

  1. Liz (@liza_belle) 09/01/2012 / 6:00 pm

    You’re much more organised than me about all this! I have yet to sign up officially, although I’ve been intending to take up the challenge since it was first bruited.

    I’m looking forward to hearing what you make of the Sulari Gentill books – I keep picking them up in bookshops and then never going any further with them.

    Oh, and The Old School is brilliant!

    • Tseen Khoo 09/01/2012 / 9:22 pm

      The key, L., is to be seen to be organised! 😉

      I’ve already prepped an entry for the Gentill review as I’m almost finished (overall thumbs up so far). That’s a bit more forward-planning than I’ve ever done for this blog…ever. Maybe 2012 is the Year of the Blog!

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