>Round’em up

>Just finished my first week in the new job. Commuting will take a bit of getting used to, even though I’ve been travelling at a time of year that’s less sardine-like than usual (school/uni still not back in session, and many folks still on end of year hols). Getting used to another bureaucracy is strangely fun, and getting to know a heap of new people is equal parts intimidating and exciting. I’m not a huge people person; I can be happily sociable, but too much of the chatchatchat is wearing. The job will entail a lot of meeting’n greeting. I kind of knew that, but the reality of it is just starting to sink in. I don’t mean this in a bad way, because I’ve been surprising myself with being OK with the ramped-up level of it recently.

Anyway, the point of this post is to share a link round-up!

  1. NEW ISSUE of Peril magazine – Issue #10 “Skin“. Features plenty of the good stuff:

    INTERVIEWS with artist Gary Lee (by Owen Leong), the Fear of a Brown Planet lads (Aamer Rahman and Nazeem Hussain, with Lian Low) and Ai Haruna (sort of…by Benjamin Law);

    WRITING by Jen Tsen Kwok, Thuy Linh Nguyen, Elaine Laforteza, Rosemary Johns, Lia Incognita, Komi Sellathurai and a selection of poetry edited by Miriam Wei Wei Lo.

  2. Fabulous things happening with Performance 4a in February:

    Performance 4a and Belvoir are thrilled to announce a two week season of Asian Australian performance at Belvoir St Downstairs Theatre from 1-13 February 2011.  An associated event of Sydney’s Chinese New Year Festival , the season features contemporary storytelling and performances to inspire!  See Performance 4a’s website for details of the shows, and read the News section for more information including how to book.

  3. Excellent blog I’ve only recently started reading (which is criminal, really, considering he’s a good buddy of mine): Jen Tsen Kwok’s Borderless Democracy. It’s passionate, smart and enlightening. Go read it if you want to see what being an activist intellectual is all about.   

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