2010 – the end

Everyone seems to be making New Year’s resolutions already. I guess it’s contagious. I made some for this year, and even managed to keep them limping along. One of them was to connect more regularly with people who were important to me. This worked beautifully with some Melbourne friends, with whom I set up rolling lunch/coffee dates. I’m hoping that this has become such a habit that it won’t need to be a prioritised ‘resolution’ in 2011.

Being better connected worked less well with some of my oldest, closest interstate buddies, as we all seem to have developed similar aversions to regular phone catch-ups, and they’re not as cyber-obsessed as me (so – not on Fb or Twitter). I’m not sure how to ‘fix’ this as everyone’s busy, everyone misses each other, and – when we do meet up – it’s fantastic and chatty and feels as if all is well with the world.

2011 already promises change and new challenges through a new job that starts in the second week of January. It’ll be my first employment foray outside of an academic position since 2001. The position also brings new work conditions: commuting into the city for the first time since I’ve lived in Melbourne, solid office hours (rather than the double-edged flexibility of a research-only appointment), and necessary teamwork on the job. I’m very much looking forward to the whole thing. At the very least, it’ll bring me into contact with the buzzy CBD on a much more satisfying basis than my previous job (where I did try to escape the campus regularly).

Happy New Year! Let’s hope 2011 brings us all more insight, sharing, and kindness.


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