>FUNDBREAK – Quest for Jackie Chan! Australia-wide tour

>If you want to support excellent Australian talent, go forth and fundbreak!

I have a regular roster of charities to which I donate every year, and have an auto-debit donation for another every month. Similarly, my partner has causes that he is committed to (financially). We’re currently a one-income household, so it’s not as if we’re awash with cash right now. In fact, this is probably the least awash with cash our household has been since it was a “household”. Yet…there are things that I’m compelled to support at times.

At the moment, it seems that Asian Australian projects are The Things. And it feels damn fine to put my money where my mouth is.

And here’s an update on what’s happening with the first FundBreak project I posted about:

Almost there! Go, Colin the Dog, go!


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