>Kicking and screaming?

>In an effort to bring the Asian Australian Studies Research Network into the world of Web 2.0, I’ve created a Twitter account for it. I’ve also revitalised the Facebook group I’d set up ages ago (when I was reserving cyber-real-estate).

So, should you ever find yourself hankering for a slice’o the AASRN pie, here’s where you can go…


  • Twitter – AASRN news, links to blogposts and e-news items.
  • Facebook – AASRN news, links to blogposts and e-news items, network event photos, events invitations.
  • Official website

I’m the first to admit that I didn’t think SNS media would benefit AASRN much, given its majority academic membership. I know there are a heap of acas out there (particularly postgrads) who are incredibly hip to the 2.0 groove, and have profiles on every medium going, but I think there are even  more academics who are not, and do not. Now that I’ve been mired in trying to work out strategies and content for each of these cyber-feeds, I think their success comes down to one thing: as many AASRN members (or like-minded sorts) as possible need to sign up  to them and use the material that’s provided! I know that sounds embarrassingly obvious, and it is.

I sometimes wonder what the point of joining a research network is if you don’t, y’know, network. Yet so many people do just that: join up, then remain inert. I was chuffed recently to hear from an AA writer that she will be getting a story published in a collection that she’d seen spruiked originally on the AASRN announcements list (I didn’t include this forum in the above listing because it’s a closed group – only members are invited to join. If you want to join, c’mon down!). It was good to have that kind of feedback (i.e. all the things I post do not go into the Black Hole of Apathy).


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