Not about Fail-lard

I started an entry that was going to maunder on about how my high hopes at having Gilly in charge have been dashed. Then I realised this would be the kind of entry that 100s of other bloggers have already written (or are writing) and they would articulate their frustration and anger with much more aplomb. My reaction to the dismissal of same-sex marriage and the proposed East Timor Solution is a very mediocre but heartfelt *headdesk*. Life, death, taxes AND being disappointed in politicians.

Speaking of the undead…

I think something akin to the Pacific (or East Timor) Solution should be on call for those who really, really like Twilight (angryasianman’s post reminded me of something on that also made me guffaw: Shoes of the Damned).


2 thoughts on “Not about Fail-lard

  1. e 08/07/2010 / 5:26 am

    >So not surprising. Those conservative years really set us back several decades. Take the environment for example, when I was in Year 8 (gosh that's over 20 years ago) it was really uncool to not recycle. All the cool kids used recycled paper and if you had the white paper, you were a loser. Actually, a lot of the cool kids I think went to progressive inner city schools and because they were cool, everyone wanted to be them. Why…why must it be election year every 3 years. I get so sick of the campaigning, waste of paper…*sigh* Also I don't think we should have compulsory voting. Those who don't really care or have no idea what the issues are, shouldn't have to vote.

  2. tseen 09/07/2010 / 1:04 am

    >It's just so disappointing because I'm sure there's more ppl out there than we realise who can see beyond the inflammatory soundbite. Yet there's no sophistication in the way that these issues are presented to the public by the pollies (or much of the media). There is a fair amount of sympathy in the media for asylum seekers / refugees (via commentary from NGOs, etc), but still…the prevalence of knee-jerk, misplaced nationalism dominates.At least they have recycling bins at polling booths for all the crap they hand out! I never take anything from anyone as have always made up my mind before I front up at the booth. I actually like compulsory voting; everyone should be part of elections, even if it's a choice to not paricipate (rather than just overlook it or be apathetic about it).

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