>Expressions of Interest – The Chinese in Australian Politics (UTS, NSW) – 8 Sept 2010


The Chinese in Australian Politics:
Call for EOI for One Day research colloquium
Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre Conference Room (Level 3, 645 Harris St Ultimo 2007)
September 8 2010
University of Technology Sydney

A collaboration of the UTS China Research Centre, Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Research Centre, and the Social and Political Change Academic Group

“The Chinese”, a concise label for very diverse phenomena, have become key players in Australian political life. Yet very little is known about their engagement with the Australian political system. This colloquium seeks to scope the parameters of a research agenda, which may include (and are not exhausted by):
  •  the new Chinese “empire” and Australia
  •  political culture, political socialization and political participation
  • the many meanings of Chinese in politics – old Australians, post-White Australia, diasporic, mainland, June 4 and after, Han nationalist, reluctant Chinese (Uighurs, Tibetans etc) etc.
  • Chinese media and culture in Australia
  • Gender and politics within and between communities
  • Chinese education in Australia
  • Australian government strategies and studies of (the) Chinese in Australia
  • Chinese governments and Australian politics (nations, regions, cities)
  • Chinese corporations and Australian politics
  • Patronage politics and political culture
  • Political philosophies, one party states and multicultural democracy
  • Chinese students in Australia
  • Internal political differences and alliances in Australia among Chinese.

We welcome expressions of interest from participants wishing to offer a paper: these can be works in progress, scoping proposals, provocations or research reports.

Selected papers will need to be prepared in advance and will be circulated to participants ahead of time. Each presenter will have 10 minutes to speak to their paper, and there will be a discussant from among the participants who will then  respond. This will be followed by Q-and-A, and a short discussion period.
Expressions of interest with an abstract of no more than 200 words should be sent to Claire Moore at UTS by May 22. Successful proposals will be notified by June 10. Full papers are due  August 1. People participating in the colloquium may be invited to act as discussants on other papers. Participation is not limited to successful paper presenters, though overall numbers are limited.
The colloquium is convened by Prof Stephen Fitzgerald, Assoc Prof Feng Chongyi, Dr Karen Wang and Prof Andrew Jakubowicz. For more information please contact one of the convenors. 

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