>NEW SHORT FILM – Roses Are Dead (Mintyland Pictures; dir. Min Tran)


The premiere has been changed to:

ACMI Cinemas 23rd FEB 2010. 6:30pm

More information about the premiere can be found HERE. For further updates, check: www.mintyland.com.au


Being premiered in Melbourne’s Village Cinemas (Sunshine) on 10 February 2010, Roses Are Dead is a horror/slasher flick by Mintyland Pictures. The writer/director/producer is the (obviously) multi-talented Min Tran.

A press release for the film can be found at the Asian Australian Studies Research Network news feed HERE.

I’ve had a quick look at the short YouTube trailers and below are my impressions (not having had the chance to view the whole flick yet):

  1. Local Melbourne horror movie company? To me, that can never be a bad thing! Always impressed with shoe-string filmmaking and dedication to the craft.
  2. The polish of the film is apparent even from the short scenes I’ve taken in. Unlike other minimalist budget productions, this doesn’t have the look or sound of a few cents rubbing together. It appears slickly done, even if the editing seems a little over-enthusiastic (I was going to say ‘choppy’…hah).
  3. While I understand tapping into a genre’s elements are a large part of the fun, the ‘soft-porn’ shots and suggested girl-on-girl action in the trailers were a bit disappointing. These can be done in an ironic/satirical way that still gets the nubile chick count up (yes, I did just say that), but I couldn’t tell whether this production had that layer of sophistication or whether it was just offering bog standard flesh flashes.
I’d like to see this film and its makers succeed. It’s always inspiring and fun to see people tackle cultural production at this level, and I’m all for diversity of perspectives when it comes to genre-driven vehicles.

One thought on “>NEW SHORT FILM – Roses Are Dead (Mintyland Pictures; dir. Min Tran)

  1. Anonymous 10/02/2010 / 9:50 am

    >The premiere has now been changed to ACMI Cinemas 23rd FEB 2010. 6:30pmwww.mintyland.com

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