Just in time before 2010

>It’s only recently that I’ve discovered a whole bunch of AA blogs. Many of them have been around for ages, but I’ve just found them.

Some were through Eurasian Sensation‘s various postings, and many through Asians Down Under (ADU). On the ADU site, there’s a dedicated area for AA blogs and updates. The tricky thing about this page is that it lists not only blogs that are overtly addressing AA material, but also blogs that just happen to be written by AAs. Good job by the maintainer of ADU, Yuey! I don’t know how they managed to track these down, but it’s fab to have them in one place for browsing and possible bookmarking.
On a tangent, prompted by one of the blogs I’ve found via ADU:
I’m fascinated by vegan AAs, mostly because most Asian folk I know are wildly omniverous and eschew (or openly scorn) any kind of restricted diet. On the heels of a Christmas feast where we very happily consumed fish, fowl, and hoofed beast, I found the writings and ratings for the vegan-friendliness of various eating places around town rather interesting. I dallied with the notion of vegan eating when I was temporarily on my gestational diabetes ‘diet’. I think my propensity to take things to extremes kicked in just because I had to monitor what I was eating and cutting down on portions/fats/sugars. I’ve kept a few good habits from those days, but I fell off the wagon immediately after having baby G.
I actually have a list of things I want to blog about. I’ve been adding to this list a lot. The problem is finding time to compose entries that I’m not ashamed to post. That said, I don’t want to keep a stagnant blog.
New Year’s Resolution #3: Make time to write more, and actually post it.
Bets on resolution longevity? Anyone…anyone…?
To the few faithful readers this blog does have:
Happy New Year for 2010! I hope to intrude on your reading time more often next year.

4 thoughts on “Just in time before 2010

  1. oanh 30/12/2009 / 8:33 pm

    >ooh, yes, please do intrude more. (but no pressure from me – I love your posts whenever and however frequently they arrive).Asians Down Under and Eurasian Sensation are fascinating and a great resource. You were pretty much my first AA blog, and I'm not sure I've ended up with that many others that I've stuck with or that haven't just faded to nothing on my RSS feed … ah well, it's great to have the resource!

  2. steph 01/01/2010 / 12:09 am

    >I suspect this is a reference to my blog! Did you get to read any of my thinky ranty posts about being Chinese and vegan?

  3. Eurasian Sensation 01/01/2010 / 2:15 am

    >Happy New Year Tseen!There are actually a few of us non-flesh-eating Asian Australians out there – particularly if you consider all the veggie Indians, and not forgetting the veggie Buddhists lurking out there as well.Veganism is indeed an interesting phenomenon though – quite an adjustment for the egg-loving East/SE Asians and dairy-loving South Asians!

  4. tseen 01/01/2010 / 5:53 am

    >Oanh – I have blog-reading binges, and I'm particularly excited when I find a well-written, savvy, witty blog that's been around a few years. I love having an archive to trawl through! That said, I'd love more time to do this trawling…—-Steph – Hi! Yes, I do mean your blog (HERE for those who don't know about it – go read! It's great fun). Being one of the more recent blogs I've discovered, I haven't had a chance to read too much of it yet. Will be doing so, though, as am greatly enjoying your writing and pics!—-Chris – Absolutely re the number of vego AAs out there. I remember one of our AA discussion group members mentioning that their vegetarianism was an element in their alienation from various members of their family, which I found interesting and a tad appalling. Have you been to White Lotus (near Vic Markets)? The 'fake meat' restaurants are such a zany phenomenon.

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