Bit more than a fortnight on…

>OK, so the (more) regular posting rule’s fallen by the wayside after a fairly good innings (for this blog).

I have an excuse! I’ve had a 2nd baby in mid-June, four days after the last posting. G. was 11 days early and is now 3 weeks old. We have quite a few family birthdays in June/July and G.’s adds another one to the pile.
As always, the first few weeks after a new baby comes home is a blur of meeting the new little person, getting back into the feeding/changing/sleeping cycle for the bub (and the lack of sleep for the big people), and generally having one’s domestic and social stability obliterated. It’s not like I’m a vastly social animal since I’ve moved to Melbourne but it can be a bit disconcerting to be unable to see any appointments beyond community health nurses and doctors for the next little while. I look forward to coffee dates with buddies an inordinate amount, especially if they take place in cafes that serve lusciously yeasty cinnamon scrolls drizzled with swirls of icing.

As for my low GI-ness? My sugar levels were back to ‘normal’ almost a day or so after G. sprang into the world. To describe my attitude towards my diet as lax is no bad thing. I haven’t gone out – yet – to hoover up huge bowls of hot chips, but I’m sure not missing out on chocolate biscuits and cake these days. I’m still sticking with the cracked wheat for the most part, and trying to retain control of portion sizes. The driving force for being on the well behaved dietary trail, though, is now the one ramping up my appetite like nothing else. G. feeds very well; so much so that the community health nurse has suggested I cut back on feeding him so much. I didn’t think it was possible to ‘overfeed’ a breastfed baby…? Anyway, because I’m breastfeeding at least 8-10 times every day, I’m like a plague of locusts with my meals.
No farewell with promises of more regular posting cos, y’know, don’t know if that’s really going to happen for a while! Just wanted to make sure there was at least one post for this month.
Things I don’t have time to post about properly:
  • OMG, Michael Jackson! RIP, my ’80s icon.
  • 2 birthday feasts + 1 fabulous steam-boat meal and counting.
  • How fantastic it is to not be at work.
  • Mourning the ‘three of us’ family dynamic even as we’re stoked about the ‘four of us’ coming into being.
  • Various female crime thriller authors I’ve been trying out (sometimes against my better judgement). Thus far, they include Lisa Scottoline, Sara Paretsky and Tami Hoag. Very block bustery listing, no?

4 thoughts on “Bit more than a fortnight on…

  1. uniqueschmuck 07/07/2009 / 9:05 pm

    >Yay!Congratulations to you and all loved ones on the addition of another loved one!

  2. tseen 08/07/2009 / 3:58 am

    >Thanks, O.! It has been fun times. G.'s 'moon yuet' (one month celebration thingo) is slated for next week. Me and my other highly Australianised sibs are a bit at a loss about the significance of this occasion but we're assured that we must all feast, wear festive clothes, and be nice to one another. We figure we can do that. 🙂

  3. John 13/07/2009 / 3:35 am

    >Congratulations Tseen! All the best over the next few months (try and get *some* sleep). Look forward to the photos.

  4. tseen 16/07/2009 / 12:46 am

    >Thanks, John! Sleep is coming along in dribs and drabs…it's actually not the NO sleep, it's the heavily broken sleep that's doing me in! Am catching naps whenever/wherever I can. 😀

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