>Another low GI find, which remains elusive…

>Another product that I’ve become aware of since joining the low GI bandwagon is agave nectar (or syrup).

Apparently, its GI is only about 11-19, which is very, very low.

The only thing is that it’s usually imported from the Americas (mostly Mexico), and isn’t widely available on the shelf in Australia.

We’ve been scoping various natural/organic foodstores and checking out online sites, too. It’s here. It’s just not easy to find.

But, hey, upside of all this research is that we’ve discovered quite a few organic supermarkets/stores near where we live, which is a bonus.

By the time I order and receive any of this product, though, I probably won’t need it anymore (fingers crossed, my gestational diabetes will take a hike after Sprog 2 joins us).

For your info:

Spiral Foods is importing it, and I’d assume it’d be stocked by any place that has a fair range of their products, and there is an outfit called Maretai, which has an online ordering system.

Caveat: I haven’t actually tried the stuff, so can’t vouch for its amazingness or otherwise in the taste stakes!


2 thoughts on “>Another low GI find, which remains elusive…

  1. sc 14/06/2009 / 10:26 am

    >What sort of breakfast do you eat? I am a leftovers for breakfast type of person. Which isn't that healthy. I've recently tried to have low GI breakfasts. Weetbix grows on you.

  2. tseen 24/06/2009 / 7:29 am

    >Hiya SC – Sorry bout the delay in responding. Got busy. 😉 I almost always have:* a red grapefruit* wholegrain oats (made on water), with milk + honey* mug of MiloSometimes I'll have a boxed cereal brekky but not as often as I used to. I love a cooked breakfast (i.e. the whole greasy deal with bacon, eggs, etc) but don't bother with this at home.

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