>Agave – Autumn 2009


Agave heart
Melbourne, Victoria – May 2009
[Photo by Tseen]

2 thoughts on “>Agave – Autumn 2009

  1. scp 07/06/2009 / 5:59 am

    >wanted to click "like" but then realised this aint facebook.

  2. tseen 08/06/2009 / 12:02 am

    >I don't even miss Fb – thought I might, oddly enough. I will miss the easy (and eclectic) photo-sharing, but overall I'm pretty glad I'm not there anymore. And, again like you, me and Twitter don't quite mesh. I still don't see the point, unless you're going to be tweeting 24/7 and checking others' similarly. There was good reason to get off Fb, and Twitter does seem to magnify those reasons x 10…!

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