Keep away from me, wayside…

>At least once a week, I tell myself. At least once a week…

I’m fairly sure I can maintain that kind of posting momentum for the moment, but after Bub #2 comes along, there are no guarantees. This blog never turned into a baby-blog (though it did have a moment or two), and for that I’m glad. There are many things I’ve learned and realised about myself since having E., and also negotiating having S. at home as primary carer. Some are major and change my entire outlook on life; many are petty and even involve slaying my phobia of things pink. I don’t feel that the major things need to be aired publicly. Or at all. They’re seismic shifts for me and how I think I want to live my life, but they aren’t for everyone’s consumption. As many of you regular bloggers will have seen/heard, ‘slow blogging‘ is now the thing. It’s an expected response to the kind of ‘sweatshop blogging‘ that the NY Times identified. I must admit to agreeing avidly with all the points in the slow blog manifesto. I love finding blogs that have thoughtful and lucid language, and posts that show the author put in a bit of effort. I must also admit that, for all its rushing charm and addictiveness, I have cultivated a deepening scorn for Facebook applications/games and naff status statements. I bought the whole bleeping package when I first joined up, and responded to everyone’s ‘gifts’ and even had my own (fluff)friend (RIP, Momo). Now, I ignore just about everything except what I’d classify as real communication (e.g. wall or inbox messages, sharing photos, notes and links with useful commentary). 
Moving on, as I didn’t intend this post to be meta about blogging…
I’ve completed two major research fellowship applications in the past couple of months and the time that’s involved in nutting out projects, budgets, staffing and on-costs, timelines and ‘outputs’ is staggering. It’s a whole industry within academia that I find fascinating and appalling. The process of putting in an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery application does get easier each time, if only because you know what kind of cursed realm you’re entering. Every tip at the windmill means that you learn a bit more jargon, cruise through a bit more of the application (having your track-record information up to date saves you a godawful amount of time, for e.g.). I’m thinking of putting together a grant application post for Academia 101. I can’t say that I’m that much of an expert on grants in general, though. Perhaps for fellowships?
Things in short:
  • Went to a kite festival last weekend in Royal Park and was disappointed that there weren’t any humungous, over-the-top kites (like this giant dragon below). It was, however, a great day to see heaps of super-keen kids and families going crazy in the breezy sunshine and flying whatever they had from home. Next time, we’re going to bring something for E. to scamper around with. 

  • [Image from]

  • I’ve recently become Reviews Editor with Asian Studies Review (ASR) in the new thematic area of ‘Diasporic Asia’. Peter Jackson has just taken over as Editor and he’s invited J.Lo and myself on board. It’s exciting to be part of a bigger endeavour such as ASR, partly because it’s such a huge association, and also because I think that having Asian Studies in Australia move in this direction so decisively is a good thing.

6 thoughts on “Keep away from me, wayside…

  1. e 22/01/2009 / 2:36 am

    >my ny resolution is to go slow… i like the idea of slow blogging. yeah. yes no psychotic rants this year.

  2. tseen 27/01/2009 / 4:39 am

    >E. – Psychotic rants have their place at times. As a regular part of someone’s blogging, though, it can lose its edge. (have you disappeared again…?) I do love to snigger at clever rants, when they’re found.—Kirsty – He’s gone to that bigger, better (fluff)racing stable in the sky… 😉

  3. e 29/01/2009 / 12:28 pm

    >back again. i’m going to join the slow blogging movement.

  4. tseen 03/02/2009 / 10:11 am

    >Heya E. – a-HA. I’m so slow. Thanks for the pointer. Will add you to blogroll now…

  5. e 06/02/2009 / 4:26 am

    >i’ve just discovered you can delay publishing your post in wordpress by choosing the publish later option!. I’m so slow! This way I can type up a post, set it to be posted 3-4 days later and in the mean time have the option to edit or delete.SLow blogging has changed the way I function.Less is more.I seem to have less crap floating around in my head. thanks for posting re: this movement. I love it.

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