>So, this is how addictions grow


I haven’t posted about anything for a while, mostly because of work pressures and a crisis or two.

I wanted to say, though, that the stamp-collecting bug hasn’t gone away. In fact, the bug has done hatched its own colony. It’s S.’s obsession more than mine. I’m not the one who set up an ebay account to snag whole series of stamps, or sent away for parcels of kiloware, or spent my evenings making sure the 1000s of Australian stamps we have are in proper chronological order. But I did order a catalogue of US stamps through bookmooch.com, and I do find myself sitting down with a tray of stamps and filling rows of sleeves with them (and getting a perverse satisfaction out of seeing them neatly displayed and properly cleaned up).

I haven’t had time to find out much about the following stamps, and they are posted here with the same reasoning as the entries that came before: I like them.

There is even a smidge of rhyme and reason to this set of stamps: they’re all from Asia. We’ve managed to sort out into regions, at least! And, no, you don’t want to know how much we’ve spent so far on stamp storage gear…

This is the first set (in the three stamp posts I’ve done so far) that have a black background to the scans. akphilately recommended this as he said it makes the images look a lot better. I’d have to agree!

This first stamp is from Siam (now Thailand), 1943 air mail, with an overprint that I can’t read (as in, am not able to cos can’t read Thai script – am happy to be enlightened):

500 yen Japanese stamp. Can’t find much else on it on a quick skim around the web (the extent of my philatelic research…):

An overprinted Republic of China stamp:

I think it’s very likely that we’ll start collecting stamps with fish on them, and those sporting cacti and other succulents. We’re creatures of habit, after all. Below is one of a series from Thailand (there are some great old ones from Singapore, too):

Had a couple of other stamps (both from Hong Kong, as it happens) but they didn’t scan for some reason. Probably because I screwed it up when I tried to hurry through the process.

S. bought a stunning set of mint shell stamps from Papua New Guinea off ebay the other day. They are very cool; I don’t think scanning them in will do them justice.


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