>This post is mostly for Book Boy, who has been my dominant source of reading recs over the past little while. We have very similar tastes in books and genre moods, and he consumes material at a much faster rate than me. I’m happy for him to trailblaze.

When BB recs something these days, I immediately check bookmooch for it, and if it’s not available, add it to my wishlist. I’ve mooched a lot of books this way recently and it’s excellent. Right now, I have a teetering T0-Read pile, but this doesn’t stop me from hoarding books I know to be ‘my thing’.

Thus far, these are the books I’ve successfully mooched from BB’s recs:

  1. Robin Robertson, ed. Mortification: Writers’ stories of their public shame.
  2. A couple of Frederick Forsyth’s (Fourth Protocol and Day of the Jackal).
  3. Arturo Perez-Reverte’s The Club Dumas.

Another handful are on my wishlist, with availability entries that are gone in a flash. I’ve never had to compete for books before, and I never realised how competitive some people can be! The system on bookmooch is pretty good now, with new protocols in place for ‘reserving’ a book until you find out whether someone’s willing to post to Australia (this is usually the issue for me – SO MANY overseas people only post to their own countries, whereas most of the Australian folk I’ve mooched off are international posters…hmmm). It would be grand if more Australians were on the system!


Most recently, I’ve mooched a USA stamp catalogue. No, seriously. 😀


4 thoughts on “bookmooching

  1. lbw 13/10/2008 / 5:17 am

    >thats such a fun concept.i had a friend who was part of a ring and got her books that way. i’ve found a couple of bookcrossing books in the past – both in toilets.i don’t believe in poo moleculeswill check out bookmooch

  2. Oanh 13/10/2008 / 9:02 am

    >I love bookmooch! I wish I’d got around to joining it before I left Aus – then I could have mooched all our books, instead of trying to give them away to friends and eventually just dumping them in a Lifeline bin (from whence they came, to there shall they return).I’ve got sone grand books from BM, e.g. a Richard Brautigan. Score!

  3. tseen 13/10/2008 / 9:19 am

    >LBW – I’ve had a lot of fun getting to know the system in bookmooch. Initially, I floundered a bit and thought, “There’s NOTHING here I really want to mooch…”, but that’s totally changed now. In fact, I’ve held back on mooching quite a few times because I know I won’t get around to reading them for ages. I wanted to try bookcrossing when it first turned up, but I never had the wherewithal to follow through on it. I also like the more direct outcome of bookmooching. ;)—Oanh – V. cool that you loves it, too! :DI’m with you on the ‘wish I’d heard of it earlier’ front. I must have given away a dozen large bags full of books to Lifeline when I moved away from Bris. And, previous to that, I had regularly culled my shelves for Lifeline (or similar) – each time would’ve equalled boxes of books. Le sigh. They went to a good cause…right?!

  4. Book Boy 15/10/2008 / 11:01 am

    >Trailblazer hey? Mmm…i like that title;-)i’m still scared from my bookmooch experience to think about going back!

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