>Gallivanting – let me show u it

>Things have been hectic for a while now but, post-north Qld and Sydney, they seem to have ratcheted up a notch. Even though I’m staying put for the next month and a half in Melbourne (fingers crossed), my 2009 is already filling up with heaps of stuff. I think I’m already all conferenced out for next year (with a late Nov paper still to do this year). How did this happen? Where did my chilled optimism about balancing home and work life go? Rather large questions to which I have no answers (except that it still means I can’t say ‘no’…).

So, things I’ve already committed to next year:

  • Panel on diasporic Asia-Pacific cultural studies during ANU’s ‘Asia Week’ (Canberra, January).
  • Roundtable at the Association for Asian American Studies (AAAS) conference in Honolulu (April) – will probably do my US fieldwork on that trip rather than cross the Pacific twice.
  • Part of a conference committee for a conference about re-interpreting Chinese Australian heritage (Ballarat, Oct).

Things I haven’t quite committed to yet but probably will:

  • ISSCO/Bananas conference (Auckland, July).
  • Proposed AAI 3 conference (not yet confirmed – possibly WA).

Given the other chunky things I’ll be doing (e.g. writing a book…), I think this is more than enough. I’ll also, of course, be juggling the other hats I normally wear: AASRN convenor and elist manager, Peril advisory editor, Journal of Intercultural Studies editor, couple of other journal advisory boards…oh, I’ve managed to hand the aa_discuss moderator’s hat on to O. and JY, which is FANTASTIC. Thanks, guys!

As well, I’ll be flat out applying for fellowships as mine expires in Oct next year. The guidelines for the Future Fellowships have just been released today, and I’ll be putting in an application for the round. From what everyone says, it’s going to be incredibly competitive. $50K ‘infrastructural funding’ for each year of the fellowship? You bet your sweet patootie it’ll be competitive. Oy. I’ll also be putting in an application for the ARC round next year, for a QEII/ARF (so I’ll obviously be hounding my bestest buddies – e.g. AJ – for advice, critique and morale-boosting).


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