>The thrills, they be cheap

>Cheap thrill for today? Finding out that both my entries about going to conferences (Conference Cruise I and II) from Academia 101 have been linked by Michigan State University (here). This makes me absurdly pleased because I’d been lamenting (on the inside…) that I hadn’t pimped the blog very well or widely. I wasn’t sure how to do it. It isn’t a formal ‘how to’, and I don’t think some of it would go down well with more conservative types…so I was hesitant to tout it on general academic lists. Also? Didn’t want to look like a self-promoting diva – how does one offer these suggestions and hints without doing this? Have pondered and thrown hands up about this before.


The special issue of Journal of Australian Studies that Jacqueline Lo and I are guest-editing is almost done. I’ve just re-worked the (hopefully penultimate) version of our critical introduction and will have some last-minute collation to do next week. Can I just profess my undying appreciation of RAs (research assistants) here? I don’t know what I would’ve done without them in recent times. I find myself over-committed on too many fronts (and, yes, this is the same lament you heard at the beginning of this year. I’m still wearing all the hats I complained about. Go, me!).

Things coming up on the horizon:

  • Fieldtrip to north Queensland,
  • Panel presentation at University of Sydney,
  • (probable) Paper and attendance at InASA conference in Brisbane in late Nov,
  • Submission of collaborative grant proposal (with colleagues here at Monash),
  • (probable) Applications for Future Fellowship and QE II (end of Oct 08 and Feb/March 09 respectively),
  • (ongoing) journal editorship, research network convenorship, list moderation/bulletin compilation, fellowship writing, ARC project background/contextual research (and planning for fieldwork in 2009).

That’s all I can think of at the moment, and it’s already enough to make me mope.


We’ve been hearing from K. and C. while they’ve been poncing around Japan and China. No sympathies here for their blisters and sore backs from trekking through/around Tiger Leaping Gorge! I’ve turned into the kind of person who looks forward to weekends and bemoans the arrival of Mondays. I swore I’d never do that (cos, in that shiny time, I would only be doing work that was utterly fun and satisfying, natch).

Here are some other things I swore I’d never do (and have done):

  • Get married.
  • Say ‘those people’.
  • Become a parent.
  • Watch a Steven Seagal movie again after Glimmer Man.
  • Fly JetStar.

5 thoughts on “>The thrills, they be cheap

  1. Book Boy 29/08/2008 / 2:11 pm

    >i have one question Tseen – OMG Jetstar? What happened? Obviously my influence is waning as I thought u no longer did jetstar/virgin;-)

  2. lbw 30/08/2008 / 9:10 am

    >Steven Seagal hehe. I read once that he thinks he is the reincarnation of one of the Tibetan lamas! Or someone has told him he is or something like that. I watched one Seagal movie once…he was a chef on a navy ship. There was a fight scene in the kitchen. That’s all I remember!

  3. tseen 31/08/2008 / 4:51 am

    >Hi Book BoyAll I can say is that there aren’t that many flights from Melb to Cairns direct, so, unless you cool your heels in a Syd or Bris airport for a few hours, Jetstar is one’s only choice! I’ve only done it once, though, and swore never to do it again (and haven’t as yet…*fingers crossed*). I do, however, still fly Virgin quite often – short-haul – what can I say, it’s still cheaper for frequent travel! ;)============Heya LBWYou would be referring to that classic Seagal film _Under Siege_ (which is one of the better ones, btw…though tis a relative scale). Yes, I used to watch heaps of them and they’ve always been pretty bad, but _Glimmer Man_ reached a new low… :DT.

  4. lbw 01/09/2008 / 7:10 am

    >oh my goodness you know your steven seagal films 😮

  5. tseen 01/09/2008 / 7:37 am

    >LBW – I know, and people find out about this fact and still stay buddies with me. It’s v. generous of them. ;)T.

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