>Academia 101: The Academic CV

>Hey, hey – Academia 101 isn’t just resurrected; it feels like it’s thriving. Two posts in one month! Wheee…!

The most recent post is You lookin’ at me? The Academic CV. I ran it past a slew of learned folk (oh, and some of you, too… 😉 ). Any suggestions would be appreciated as I know people do CVs in vastly different styles.

I’ve been tinkering with my academic CV a lot recently. My fellowship contract expires in October 2009 and, unless I land myself another fellowship, I’ll be out on my ear. While this would leave lots of time to churn through my to-read pile, it probably isn’t the best thing for the mortgage.

One new KRuddian initiative, the Future Fellowships, is being administered by the ARC and the final rules are meant to be circulating by the end of August. Applications are due by end of October. That’s two months to get one’s form together. The most frustrating thing about the FFs is that, depending on what the final rules are, I may/may not be eligible (so, if not, I could just be focused on the QEII/ARF round next year, which is in some ways more desirable because it’s a full 5 years rather than an FF’s 4 years).

As it is, we don’t know whether the ‘mid-career’ span will be 5-15 or 8-20 years…or something completely different. We also don’t know the final weighting for each of the application’s components.

People keep asking whether I’ve been scouting for T&R jobs. I must admit that I haven’t.


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