>Almost a zombie post

>This post is about resurrection, so it almost qualifies as a zombie entry (I’ll get to a fully fledged one soon…).

I’d started up another blog (Academia 101) way back when, in an era when my optimism about my time-management was at an all-time high. It was meant to be a ‘primer’ of sorts for postgrads/early career academics. I’ve been told many times (and sometimes vehemently) that I’m no longer an early career aca, which is disconcerting because it feels as if I’m only just finding my feet in this game.

A new entry was recently posted to Academia 101, “Professionally Judgemental: Reviewing for Journals“.

There are 2+ years between this new entry and the one before it. Oy. There aren’t that many posts overall on that blog – a measly six in total (including the new one!). I’ve listed them here in case anyone’s interested (they’re in order of posting, so oldest first):

  1. Good academic submission behaviour (or “How not to piss off editors”)
  2. Good editing behaviour (or “How not to piss off contributors”)
  3. Networking and other academic hobbies
  4. The conference cruise
  5. The conference cruise II: Question time

As you’ll see if you read the entries, I’ve added suggestions from folks along the way. If you have constructive comments/suggestions to make, please do.

I also realised after finishing the latest entry that I had no idea what else I’d be posting to that blog. So, any suggestions re topics for Academia 101 would be much appreciated!


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