>Veni, Vidi, Whingey

>My maternity leave is officially up in a couple of weeks’ time. This sucks mightily. Even though I’m working about half-time at the moment doing AAI 2 conference and research network stuff, the idea of officially going back to work is daunting. I’ll be going back 2 days a week till the beginning of 2008.

Being away from the academic shuffle really gives the world its easy glow again. It made me realise how sick I am of the small crumbs meted out at universities and how we’re meant to be overjoyed by the fact that we even have jobs. The way I did my postgrad study (full MA before my PhD), I spent almost a decade gaining various bits of paper. Hons in 1991, MA 1993-1996, PhD 1996-1999. I don’t regret getting my doctorate and I’m in an utterly fab fellowship BUT the atmosphere in universities all the time I was studying, and since I’ve been a research fellow, has been consistently negative. It gets wearing. Knowing that our ‘industry’ will never be the type to gain ascendancy is somewhat depressing. I’m not the kind of person to take comfort in persecution the way some do (i.e. if recognition occurred, you must have sold out. Whatever that means these days…hello, Linkage?).

I just read an article about how top-flight companies are striving to keep their employees happy and that, in a decade or so’s time, there’ll be a labour shortage so the workers will be in positions of power, etc. Of course, this only applies to certain industries and academia will never be one of them. Can you imagine universities offering free baskets of fruit and massages and gym sessions and Christmas bonuses for work well done? Folks say you should never be in academia if you’re wanting recognition or reward. They’re right. I knew that from the start and I still chose to pursue this career so it’s all my own fault, really.

That said, it still rankles. Regularly.


3 thoughts on “>Veni, Vidi, Whingey

  1. Kirsty 09/06/2007 / 6:28 am

    >Academics aren’t supposed to complain, Tseen. I mean you know you’re one of those latte sipping elites don’t you? :^)

  2. Anonymous 14/06/2007 / 2:31 am

    >Hellofound your blog by mistake….but quite glad to have “met” you. I’m sitting in New Jersey- a zillion miles away from “home” (OZ). It’s a bit chilly here this evening-but I here it’s cold in Melbourne too. My babies are in bed (ages 7, 15 mths and 15mths-yep twins). My husband is in London on business. So here I am websurfing. Your baby and food photos are wonderful and I am joking if I say I’m not sure which I like better!! (Oy-the baby of course-but she doesn’t make me hungry!). I am of mixed parentage-nasi champur. My father is a chinese immigrant but we have become estranged because of his “personality defects” ( and therefore estranged from my paternal family) – so I find it hard to maintain a sense of chinese identity. I am very interested to find that there is much more consideration given to Asian Australian culture than when I was growing up in OZ. Since I am married to a greek Aussie and we live in the US for the present, you could say we are culturally confused. Two of my children have blue eyes for goodness sake and they look nothing like me. I have been thinking that Melbourne might be just the place for an Aussie greek/chinese couple too eventually settle down! Hope you don’t mind the rather looong irrelevant comment!!!All the bestCorina

  3. Tseen 22/06/2007 / 1:45 am

    >Hi KirstyI did sip me a bit of latte the other day! Oh dear. I used to order flat whites, until I got sick of people looking at me strangely and saying, “You mean a latte?” Then I’d start explaining that, no, I meant a flat white, which is made on less milk than a latte and is generally less volume so the coffee is stronger, etc…then I’d get served a latte. I gave up. t.=================Hi CorinaHey, you can drop by and leave me lovely long comments any time. :)Thanks for your thoughts and it’s nice to ‘meet’ you, too.If you ever want to be on an Asian Australian discussion list (v. informal), drop me a line and I can tell you more about it!

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