>Felt really quite uncomfortable after posting the last entry. I’ll let it stand for the moment.

I’m one of those people who is paranoid about circulating real life images online, and also wary on behalf of those who haven’t consented to have their images online (e.g. bubs). I don’t know exactly why I’m so paranoid. Academics are hardly the type to be stalked. I’ve yet to meet an aca who would give Jodie Foster a run for her money. In fact, we’re probably more prone to do the stalking, being the obsessive personalities we often are.

Being on maternity leave means that I can let most of my day-to-day work slide. Unfortunately, I decided to convene a conference at the end of June, which means that the organisation and planning must go on during my leave otherwise ain’t nothing going to happen mid-year. So, as much as I’d like to switch off my brain entirely and disappear into the world of Dr Phil and Who magazines, I keep being yanked back to plan sessions, do bits of conference admin, and other answering of conf questions. I do wish more people would go and read my entry about The Conference Cruise over at Academia 101 – our lives would be so much easier.

All that said, the idea of having such a mass of AA’ers in town come June, the exciting topics that people will be talking about, and just being able to hang out with old and new acquaintances, is going to be priceless. Good conferences with people I want to listen to and whose work I admire are such a buzz. I have a good feeling about this one. No prima donnas (yet!). Many folks who’ve been working in AA studies for many years, but in separate disciplines, are coming together for the first time. There’s always the issue of topics being possibly too diverse, but I’m counting on the cohesiveness of the AA angle to give the event a good flow. What I would’ve loved is single sessions throughout the whole conference – no parallels at all – but that’s a fiscal impossibility these days. It’s a pity, though, because those confs are the ones where people really get into complementary and continuing discussions over the whole time. It can be the most worthwhile time spent at these yak-fests. Still, we’ve managed to keep it to only 2 parallel sessions so we’ll hopefully maintain a close-knit feel for the conf.

On top of the daily sessions of aca talk, there’ll be a cabaret at the Prince Alfred on the first night (info yet to be added to the conf website – oh, you’ve got the scoop!) and a possible AA meetup on the following evening. Quite how I’m going to juggle feeding/looking after baby E. and a full-on 3 days of frenetic activity is a mystery right now.

Oh, and just in case you’ve missed the repeated links in everything I touch these days:

The event in question is AAI 2: The 2nd Asian Australian Identities conference.


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