>Issue #2 ("Heroes") of Peril now online!

>The newest issue of Asian Australian journal Peril is now online! Go check it out and read the shiny new articles and stories.

The 2nd issue’s theme is “Heroes” and I’ve got that vox pop piece in there that I mentioned on this blog earlier. Other contributors include Helen Huynh, Adam Aitken, Lian Low, Tom Cho, Shalini Akhil, Jen Tsen Kwok and Ta Duy Binh.

This issue has about a dozen pieces in all, and I really liked the variety of contributions. A couple of them even had me blubbing quietly in front of the ‘puter. I’m a bit of a marshmallow in general when watching movies/TV and I can cry at the drop of a poignant line of dialogue, but it’s a different scenario when it comes to reading. It usually takes much more to bring a tear to my eye, or make me respond emotionally, to black and white text on a page.

I must admit that I’m not a big poetry person, so my preferences automatically flow toward short stories. My favourite piece in the whole issue is Phillip Tang’s “Teenage Dreamers.” Tang has such a deft touch with characterisation and interweaving the significant narrative threads. The fact that I’m a bit of a Leslie Cheung fan myself just adds another layer.


While on the subject of reading, I must shame-facedly make an admission here that I’ve only just yesterday started reading Perfume by Patrick Suskind. I’ve been meaning to read it for, oh, about a decade. I’m only into the first 30 pages or so and I’m utterly blown away by the cadence of the prose and the evocative, brilliant language. I can’t wait to get back to it.

I seem to take a hiatus regularly from reading books. During these times, I channel my energies into reading magazines, playing with online stuff, or watching too much TV. When I click back into the book-reading groove, though, I usually do it in a big way.

Just prior to picking up Perfume, I’d just finished Nury Vittachi’s latest book, The Shanghai Union of Industrial Mystics (the fourth in his Feng Shui detective series). I got Vittachi’s book as a present and it had been languishing on my shelf, along with quite a few other birthday gifts as I worked my way through the usual back-log of ‘things I must read.’ In the end, I finished Vittachi’s book in about three days. It’s very readable, sporting an outrageous premise and a subcurrent (sometimes OTT, sometimes v. subtle) of commentary about cultural gaps and connections. I liked it, but I don’t know if I’ll be rushing out to read everything in the C.F. Wong series.

After Perfume, the next book’s likely to be Lily Brett’s You Gotta Have Balls.


While I’m here (and while you’re clicking around), go read Oanh’s great blog entry about pho.

On foodie topics: I actually had half a blog-post ready to go (ages ago) that was chockers full of food porn (dishes made by my Mum and photographed by me). Then Blogger rolled over and died and I lost the entry and have never bothered trying to re-create it. I really should, though, because the amount of food porn that’s gathered on my hard-drive at home is too good not to share.


One thought on “>Issue #2 ("Heroes") of Peril now online!

  1. Galaxy 25/10/2006 / 4:29 am

    >I would like to second your last sentiment ie you really should share the food porn, what does your hard-drive care about food?

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