>AA meetup write-up: Brisbane the First!

>[This write-up courtesy of JTK – thanks, Jen!]

The Inaugural Brisbane AA meet-up took place in the idyllic setting of the Three Monkeys Café, West End, on a typical beautiful Brisbane winter Saturday afternoon (8 July 2006).

In attendance were: Alan, Illan, Jun, Indigo, Kym, David, Helen and Jen. The early conversation was peppered with the Vietnamese diaspora short film in Indy’s possession and the possibility of a film night/event. Propositions about incorporating a `Johnny Depp’ theme were made. Topics for conversation were hardly as nerdy as Jen would have liked. Stuart Hall was not mentioned once, and one participant (who shall not be named) attacked Bourdieu and the notion of social capital in the last half an hour. Somewhere in there was requisite gossip about Big Brother and a fascinating conversation about our notions and concepts of `home.’

The group was visited in the final half an hour by star-of-the-future and potential Brisbane AA mascot, four-month-old Samvu Jet Willing, accompanied by his proud father Chris. Photos were taken, requests for David’s dvd collection were shamelessly made, and organisation of a future gathering was acquiesced to by Jen.

For list people who came, thanks for your company, it was a nice way to spend a Saturday arvo.

Ideas for the location or timing for the next meet-up are very much welcome!


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