>Perth AA Meetup – 4 July 2006

>I promised I’d do a proper write-up about the AA meetup in Perth last week and here it is in all its rushed glory:

The meetup took place after the second day of the AustLit conference that I was attending at UWA. I’d just heard Miriam Lo and Simone Lazaroo (among others) read from recent work at a surprisingly fun series of readings late that afternoon. For those of you who are interested: Simone’s third novel, The Travel Writer, is due out around Sept/Oct this year and she may be at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival to promote it.

Hoa and I met up with Romit and CY downstairs. I’d run into Romit earlier that day, while he was wandering the campus in a haze of caffeine withdrawal. He very kindly offered a lift to the meetup venue and I took him up on it before he could get to his coffee and realise what he’d done. We were joined at Taka’s Kitchen by Rachael and Dean. It was so good to finally meet Rachael (as I’m a regular reader of her blog and she’s a long-serving AA_discusser). I just hope that we didn’t bore her to tears with the amount of academic talk that went on. After dinner, CY led us to a wonderfully apt place for an AA meetup, the Tiger Lily bar/cafe. It was just around the corner from Taka’s and the entry to the place was lit with bright red lamps. The decor of the interior would best be described as uber-Oriental. It was magnificently over-the-top. You know you’re in the danger-zone when you spy upside-down brocade parasols proliferating across the ceiling and statues of Buddha adorning every nook. The place was chockers with Asian themed items and, along with the dark wood panelling, it recalled for me the ultimate in chic faux-colonialism.

And who could ask for more than that?

Well, we were happily ensconced in the back lounge, with our drinks and Adam (who’d joined us there), chatting and half-watching a chop-socky flick that was screening above the bar, when we heard a gong. After a few comments such as “omg, was that a gong?”, we realised that was how the service staff were alerted by the kitchen. There’s a gong on the counter. I’d commented that it was a pity the serving staff weren’t outfitted in-theme with cheong-sam and chopsticks in their hair when CY (I think) pointed out that they were indeed wearing Chinese frog-button blouses. Ah, all was right in the Orientalist tableau.

Unfortunately, I was a bad person and didn’t take my digicam. CY’s mobile camera couldn’t cope with the sultry gloom of the Tiger Lily’s interior. So, alas, no pics!

Our evening progressed with portions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles showing above the bar. I couldn’t hear what the other folks were talking about but I know that Romit and I hatched tentative publication plans, and we talked in general with others about the ‘lurkers’ on the AA_discuss list (and, yes, I named names…). All in all, a chatty and enjoyable time.

Next Perth AA meetup may be to celebrate CY’s submission of his PhD (no pressure, CY, no pressure…)! Thanks to those who came along, and especially to Romit for ferrying us around!


8 thoughts on “>Perth AA Meetup – 4 July 2006

  1. Keiser 11/07/2006 / 5:44 am

    >What about MY blog? Why aren’t you a regular reader?

  2. tom 11/07/2006 / 1:28 pm

    >”a surprisingly fun series of readings”. Heh.

  3. Tseen 12/07/2006 / 12:19 am

    >Dear KeiserI have a problem with reading cat-blogs. I know it’s species-ist. I am aware of my bias. Mea culpa.T.Hi TomEr, yeah, that was a bit of a telling comment. I’ve been scarred by bulk readings before, esp when each person was allocated way too much time. These ones were snappy and all the readers were also good performers of their work. One poet had us rolling in the aisles. No, really.T.

  4. Anonymous 12/07/2006 / 2:28 am

    >Tseen, you’ve just violated the Constitution of Postgrads, Rule no. 001: Do not mention about dissertation – let alone mentioning it on public blog. I’m pressurized now, I think I need to rush to my ethnic hideout (Tiger Lily) for a drink to relax!Was nice to catch up. I’ll take your visit as the soft opening of the perth AA periphery. And you better pray that I submit soon, otherwise your perth branch will never hold another meetup!cy~~

  5. Tseen 12/07/2006 / 4:56 am

    >Hi CYI think you should set up your office at Tiger Lily. The decor should inspire you to great things. And I only mention it in the blog because I have the utmost faith in you responding well to annoying pressure from people who should know better… :)T.

  6. Romit 12/07/2006 / 10:47 am

    >Hey Tseen,I agree – CY should set up his office @ TigerLil. I reckon that place needs to be given some kind of national award for uberoriental cheeziness!Think of it, wasn’t ‘Tiger Lily’ the name given to some rock star’s kid? R

  7. Tseen 13/07/2006 / 12:43 am

    >Hi RomitYes, Heavenly Hirani Tiger Lilly or something – Paula Yates’ daughter with Michael “INXS” Hutchence. Romit, you obviously don’t read enough Who magazines…Great to see you in WA! Catch up soon.T.

  8. Romit 14/07/2006 / 4:13 am

    >Looks like I need to broaden my reading beyond A-A/identity/queer stuff!Maybe I need to visit the doctor’s office or my hairdresser more often – the only time I get to catch up on ‘trashy’ pop culture (and to be brought down to the reality of Big Brother watching Oz suburbia).Good catching up in Perth. You’ve got to make a trip back here soon, so we can go back to ‘Tiger Lily’ (maybe they’ll give us a go on the gong) and for more of that $3 chicken curry!R

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