>AA Melbourne MEETUP for MAY 2006

>… Chatting, hatching plans and other non-emailing activities for Asian Australians and their friends…

The Asian Australian Melbourne Meetup for MAY 2006 will be a lunch on Saturday 27 May.

The meetups are a chance to meet and chat with Asian Australians and their collaborators, friends, partners and other associated bods (note: ‘non-Asians’ are more than welcome!). The meetups have a casual vibe…you might find yourself discussing your favourite book or cafe, why X-Men 3 will rock and the Da Vinci Code will suck, your latest creative work, or none of the above… whatever, really…

So why not come along? The details are:

VENUE: Thanh Ha No2 Vietnamese Cuisine, 120 Victoria St, Richmond 3121
(03) 9421 6219 (The restaurant is near the corner of Park Street and Victoria Street. The most noticeable landmark is the Commonwealth Bank [Thanks for the info, Suz!])

PLEASE RSVP by THURSDAY 25 May so we can book a table.

Sign up with asianaustmeetups to get announcements about future meetups emailed to you.

Please feel free to forward this notice onto others…

Hope to see you there!

Hoa, Tom and Tseen


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