>Why I am here (in triplicate)

>There are some days when I really feel the weight of justifying my presence in this job.

As of today, there are three sets of documentation I have to prepare to prove that I’ve been doing the job they’re paying me to do (i.e. being a productive Research Fellow). What bugs me just a tad is that the three sets of documentation I have to prepare all contain the same information. They’ll just be in different formats. This is when the Research Fellow spends almost a day cutting and pasting to prove that she is doing her job…when her job description doesn’t include spending a day cutting and pasting. I’m not taking exception to proving that I’m worth their money because that’s something that cuts both ways (that 2nd way being an “I’m SO worth your money you should make me permanent” direction, I’m hoping).


  • The special double issue of Journal of Intercultural Studies, “Locating Asian Australian Cultures” (edited by Tseen Khoo) is now published. Those of you who subscribe to the journal will be getting hardcopies in a few days. Those of you whose libraries subscribe to the journal can probably download the article PDFs with wild abandon right now.
  • The first issue of Asian Australian magazine, Peril, will be out in June. I had a meeting with my co-conspirators last night and it was great to catch up with them. I love going to things and coming away inspired and feeling very up, which I certainly did after our chats about our various work and community projects, men’s fashions, and various parcels of gossip.
  • My ANU colleague and I have scored some funding to create an Asian Australian Studies research network, which is very exciting. In many ways, it allows us to formalise networks that are already in existence and building critical momentum in them. It will also involve a big AA conference in 2007! Keep checking around for details as we’re hoping to get the CFP out soon!

3 thoughts on “>Why I am here (in triplicate)

  1. OTT 06/05/2006 / 1:57 pm

    >Hey! I’m so happy I’ve found this site. I’ve been stalking around Asian American blogs for ages now and am starting to feel like a fraud (especially because it’s Asian American Heritage Month, so I’ve not been commenting on my regular blog-haunts for fear of being outed as an Asian AUSTRALIAN).I look forward to the first issue of Peril!best of luck and I think you’ve found a regular lurker.

  2. Tseen 08/05/2006 / 3:24 am

    >hey there! v. cool that you dropped by. would you mind if I added you to my list of AA blogs? had a quick skim around your blog and hope to go back for a proper read soon. great stuff. btw, you might be interested in joining the asian-australian_discuss group if you like chatting about diasporic Asian stuff in Australia. I understand your ambivalence about the term AA, and would like to hear more about it.welcome and glad to meet you!t.

  3. OTT 10/05/2006 / 4:04 am

    >thanks Tseen!Very happy to be added to your list.I’ll see about the discussion forum – I like blogs because you can be slow about doing everything. Blogging is a hobby and I am obsessive by nature. I can see myself glued to a discussion group to the detriment of the things I do in real life 🙂 (I’m a lawyer).I rather wished I’d found ‘Peril’ earlier, however. But look forward to reading more and hope to contribute in the future.

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