>Spawn of conference talk – Academia 101

>When I was at an Asian Studies conference in Canberra (Home of the Grave) a couple of years ago, a friend and I were discussing how postgrads and early career academics needed a handbook about academia and how it really worked. We’re not talking an official guide about careers and paperwork that universities should put out; we’re talking something like a samizdat, something that gave you exactly what the game-play in academia was all about and how to best negotiate the system.

This idea’s been bubbling away in the back of my mind for a while now and I’ve tried to put something together that fulfils some of what we were talking about. It’s nowhere near as flashy and scandalous as some might hope – yes, I’ve gone for sensible and practical – but I hope it works towards clarifying some of this career’s processes. All the stuff derives from my personal experience and anecdotal stuff from friends and colleagues. It’s toned down because this blog does dovetail with my professional profile and, while I may have issues with many aspects of academia, I do love my job.

I’ve created another blog, Academia 101 (which will sit as a link in the side-bar on the right), and there are currently two things in there: “Good submission behaviour” and “Good editing behaviour.” They’re companion pieces about going through the publishing process and how best to acquit yourself and come out with a glowing reputation.

Other topics will be included along the way but no promises on when/what – this is going to be a patchy, ongoing project for the most part. I’m thinking that the next entry for this sub-blog might be “How to raise your academic profile without being a wanker.” Hmmm. Not sure how many instances of ‘wanker’ I should use here.

Feel free to suggest other topics/issues, anonymously if you’d rather. Just try to keep it clean, eh?


2 thoughts on “>Spawn of conference talk – Academia 101

  1. tom 14/03/2006 / 11:18 am

    >i’d be interested to hear your take on presenting at (and socialising at) conferences. maybe you could also give tips on how to save up for those expensive conference dinners. and do other people have conference crushes or was that just me? tom

  2. Tseen 15/03/2006 / 12:37 am

    >hi tomthanks for that. I was pondering the conference circuit issue.and do other people have conference crushes or was that just me? that’s just you. HAH. no, happens all the time. just depends on how ‘out’ people are about their crushes. most never see the light of day. ;)tseen

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